• Password Info

    Windows district passwords for staff expire every 6 months, although you should change it sooner if it has been compromised.  The Windows password is shared by various systems, but some systems are controlled by a separate password store (i.e., Aesop and Renaissance Place).  
    If you know your network/email password, you can change it at https://www.peoriapublicschools.org/changepassword. If you do not remember your network/email password, you can call the Technology office at 685-0181 and we can help you reset it over the phone.
    If you are a bus driver or bus monitor and only need Skyward access, contact the Skyward Employee Access dept at 672-6710.
    If you are a student, please contact your Teacher for password assistance.
    Teachers - please review the different systems in the list (after you sign in and click on the document below) to determine which systems apply to your students, and provide just that information to your students. Students don't need to see the entire document (for example, they don't need to know the default teacher logins to Compass Learning). Also listed is the username format, with an example listed for "Jane Doe"; most systems share the same username, but please check the list below since some are different.
    Staff - please click the "Sign In" link at the top of the page and use your lastname+4 to sign in and see the document below.