2023 Thrillshare Classroom Website Guide

Step-by-step instructions for editing our new website platform.

Send any questions to Communication Specialist, Karli Johnson at karli.johnson@psd150.org.

Logging into Thrillshare for the First Time

  1. Check your email for a "Welcome to Thrillshare" message and press "Accept Invitation."


  1. Go to "thrillshare.com" and select "Log in with Microsoft."

log in

Editing your Page:

  1. On the left side panel, click the "CMS V2" dropdown, then click "Pages."

    1. You should see a page titled with your name. If you do not see any pages or see the wrong page, email Communication Specialist karli.johnson@psd150.org.


  1. Click the pencil icon on the right side of your page.

edit page

  1. Click "Publish Changes" after editing your page.


Instructional Videos: