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  • Peoria Public Schools make attendance gains

    Harrison Community Learning Center, Franklin Primary School and Sterling Middle School earned the top three Most Improved Attendance awards at the December 9 Board of Education meeting. The Peoria Public School district average for November 2019 was 92.5 percent and five schools made the 95 percent club: Kellar Primary, Washington Gifted Middle School, Lindbergh Middle School and Northmoor Primary School.

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  • 5Essentials Parent Survey now open!

    Please take the time to respond to the 5Essentials survey, which will only take a few minutes to complete. Your responses will help Peoria Public Schools dig into data, formulate strategic actions and track improvement.

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  • Rolling Acres Career Day presents wide variety of professions

    Representing an impressive diversity of professions, twenty central Illinois professionals visited Rolling Acres Middle School this week for Career Day. Students heard from a sports reporter and college athletic marketing professional, a hair stylist and tattoo artist, a neuroscientist and an x-ray technician, a school psychologist, police officer and fire fighter, numerous engineers, a mortician and the owner of a septic system company. The day ended with a visit by a retired major league baseball player.

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  • Metamora students give gift of literacy to Peoria Public School primary students; win Community Contribution Award

    Peoria Public School board and administrators awarded Metamora Township High School (MTHS) its Community Contribution Award on Monday, November 11 in recognition for a big boost MTHS students gave the district’s Little Free Library October book drive as part of the school’s 2019 Homecoming festivities.

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  • Eighth-grade students audition for PSA

    Peoria Public School 8th-grade students auditioned for The Preparatory School for the Arts (PSA) at Peoria High School this week. PSA faculty traveled to each building with 8th-grade students this week to meet students interested in the orchestra, band, drama, dance, choral and visual arts programs. The PSA provides a college-prep curriculum with a focus on more intensive, advanced study of these disciplines. Eighth-grade students within PPS boundaries can audition for admittance to PSA.

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  • Students hear personal stories of the Holocaust at Riverfront Museum

    “My mother was born in Berlin in 1927,” Julie Luner told Mark Bills Middle School 6th grade students gathered in a classroom at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. “My mom and her family had a good life.” Luner, a volunteer docent from the Jewish Federation of Peoria, showed the students black and white photographs of her mother and aunt as small children and another of the girls and their father in a canoe. That idyllic childhood began to unravel when Adolph Hitler was elected in 1933. Luner emphasized to the students that Hitler came to power as Chancellor of Germany through a democratic election. “That’s one lesson I want you to take away today,” she told students. “Your vote matters. When you’re 18, go vote.”

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  • Community Contribution Award presented to Church Women United

    Peoria Public Schools presented its Community Contribution Award to Church Women United (CWU) at the October 28 Board of Education meeting for their financial support of the PPS-Illinois Central College (ICC) D2 program and the Von Steuben Middle School VonSteuBEAN Jolt Café project.

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  • PPS shows progress with four schools moving up a designation, two-thirds of schools experiencing growth

    The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) today released the annual Illinois Report Card, which provides a detailed look at each school’s progress on academics, student success, school culture and climate, and financial investments. Peoria Public Schools has prioritized student growth and has shown progress with two-thirds of all schools in the district experiencing growth in ELA or Math in the last year. As a result of those improvements, four schools in the district moved up a designation on the Illinois Report Card, including one school – Kellar Primary – receiving Exemplary status. Three other designation improvements also occurred, with Whittier Primary and Thomas Jefferson Primary moving to Commendable status and Calvin Coolidge Middle moving from Lowest Performing to Underperforming. No schools in the district experienced a downgraded designation.

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  • Steady stream of guest speakers help KCSS students make post-graduation plans

    Formulating a post-high-school-graduation plan is a challenge for Knoxville Center for Student Success (KCSS) juniors and seniors. Many of them already shoulder the burdens of adults, including family responsibilities and full-time employment. Working toward the next step, whether completing FAFSA and applying for college or investigating employment options with opportunities for future growth, can be easily swept aside. KCSS family liaison facilitator Reginald Thomas makes copping a “get the diploma and get out” attitude unacceptable.

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  • Career day at Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School

    Dr. Maude A. Sanders died on October 14, 1995 at age 92. Sanders had been Peoria’s first female, African-American physician and spent many decades caring for Peorians from her office on Peoria southside. Exactly 24 years later, about 20 central Illinois professionals from a wide variety of fields, visited kindergarten through fourth-grade students at Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School to talk about their careers. Students heard first-hand about being a police officer, firefighter, yoga instructor, veterinarian, technical engineer, equipment operator, marketing and sales director and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture scientist. One guest, Rachel Parker, could even tell students about her dual careers – as an elected government official and the proprietor of a cake shop.

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  • Waterford gives extra support to build reading, math skills

    In spring 2019, Peoria Public Schools piloted Waterford Early LearningTM, a program for kindergarten, first and second grade students who need additional support in reading or math. Waterford is a web-based curriculum designed to help children build a solid foundation in reading and math. Based on the success of the pilot, Waterford Early Learning has expanded to primary classrooms district wide. Students use the computer-program 15 to 30 minutes a day at school and can access the program at home.

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  • Attendance up in August, September

    Peoria Public School students, families and educators are working together to bring attendance rates up and the results are impressive. Fourteen schools had attendance of 95 percent or above for August and September. Yesterday, 200 Peoria High School students enjoyed a pizza lunch for having perfect attendance for the first nine weeks of the school year.

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Superintendent's Blog

  • State of Illinois requires FAFSA filing for high school graduation

    Posted by Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat on 12/6/2019 1:00:00 PM

    For the past two months, the principals, administrators and counselors at each of our high schools have been working diligently to help students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Guiding our high school senior students to the FAFSA application and helping them through the process has been an emphasis at Peoria Public Schools for years, and one that will be emphasized statewide starting next year.


    The State of Illinois has mandated that completing and filing a FAFSA is now a graduation requirement for high school seniors to receive their diploma. A similar requirement was passed by Louisiana state legislators several years ago, causing its FAFSA completion rate among high school seniors to jump to 87 percent, the highest of any state in the country. In Illinois, only 67 percent of high school seniors completed a FAFSA last year.


    FAFSA remains a critical tool to any family who is trying to pay for their student to attend college, particularly so for underrepresented groups and those living below the poverty line. Affording college tuition can seem impossible, but FAFSA provides real opportunities to make college affordable.


    The FAFSA application window opened in October and is free to complete. And it’s not too late to fill one out – families who are reading this and have not done so should sit down this holiday season to discuss. If you need any assistance, reach out to the principal of your high school for help.

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  • Peoria Public Schools to host renowned speaker for a workshop on Gratitude

    Posted by Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat on 12/4/2019 12:00:00 PM

    The Gratitude Effect Workshop flyer

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