Standards-Based Grading

Beginning this 2023-24 school year, all kindergarten through 4th grade students have transitioned to Standards-Based Grading (SBG).

What is Standards-Based Grading?

SBG is an approach to grading that focuses on mastering content, skills, and standards. This method of grading provides a more detailed understanding of a student's strengths and areas for growth throughout the year.

Why Change?

What Does 'Meeting' Look Like?

Review the learning progressions below for details of what constitutes meeting the end of year goal (level 3 mastery) for each standard.

Want to Share Your Feedback?

Scan the QR code below or click on this link to complete our SBG survey for families.

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What Report Card Will Students Receive?

Click on the links below to view a sample report card for each grade level. Progress reports are sent home at the middle and end of each of the four quarters for a total of eight reports throughout the school year.

letter explaining SBG to families