Quest Integration

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1/23/24: On January 22nd the Peoria Public School Board of Education voted not to renew the charter for Quest Academy. This means Quest would close at the end of the current school year and integrate into PPS for the 2024-25 school year.

1/25/24: The Quest Academy Board voted to appeal the decision. The Illinois State Board of Education will review and provide a final decision on May 27, 2024. To ensure a smooth transition, PPS moves forward with the integration plan, as advised by ISBE.

1/26/24: PPS sends letters to all parents of Quest Students to introduce PPS and inform them of resources available for questions.

1/30/24: PPS sends letters to all parents of Quest Students informing them of which school their student(s) are assigned to for the school year 2024-25. The assignment is based on address/location and Illinois State Board of Education guidelines which require students to be sent to a higher-performing school. The letter also invited parents, guardians, and students to Open Houses for each school. The Open House will introduce you to the programs, clubs, staff, and principal. You can take a tour of the school and ask any questions you may have.

Wednesday, February 7th

Reservoir Gifted Academy- 3706 N. Grand Boulevard at 6:00p

Mark Bills Middle School - 6001 N. Frostwood Parkway at 6:00p

Rolling Acres Middle School - 5617 N. Merrimac Drive at 6:00p

Liberty Leadership Middle School - 6327 N. Sheridan Road at 6:30p

Thursday, February 8th

Richwoods High School - 6301 N. University Street from 6:00 - 8:00p

High Schoolers: Please take our survey and let us know what programs you are interested in! Survey closes 2/9/24.

2/1/24: PPS sends letters to all Quest staff inviting them to apply for 2024-25 school year.

2/23/24: PPS has started reaching out to high school parents/guardians via phone to confirm the best mode of communication. Once confirmed, Counselors are contacting parents/guardians to arrange a time to complete registration/class scheduling.

4/24/24: PPS sends letters and emails to parents/guardians advising the summer programs available.

5/15/24: ISBE voted to uphold the decision to non-renew Quest Charter Academy for the 24-25 School Year.

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