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    Gaggle Login Page: https://apps.gaggle.net/ 

    This login page is for STAFF logging into Gaggle to look at your archived Office365 emails and OneDrive files ONLY. Student e-interaction is now available through MS Teams for EDU/Skooler, and videos are now available directly through www.YouTube.com.
    Login information for Gaggle: 
    STAFF: Click the Gaggle Login Page link above and then enter your firstname.lastname@psd150.org (example: JANE.DOE@PSD150.ORG), then click on the "Sign on with Microsoft" button to complete the login to Gaggle (this site uses Microsoft Single-Sign On/SSO now).
    If this is the first time logging into Gaggle, you'll be prompted to accept their user agreement (please read and accept it).  You'll then be asked if you want to setup your mobile device and a forwarding email address.  I advise you to click the box to DO NOT SHOW AGAIN and click SKIP.
    STAFF: For any questions/issues with Gaggle, please enter a help desk ticket at https://helpdesk.psd150.org and use the "Software..", "Gaggle" request type.