Mrs. Baron's Announcements 08/11/21



Dear Kellar Families,

We are so excited to begin this new school year and can't wait to have your students return to our buildings for another year of learning. We also want to update you on the ways we plan to keep your student safe in our building this coming year during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As was announced in July by the Superintendent, Peoria Public Schools will implement universal masking at all of our buildings this year. We encourage our families to make sure masks are part of their school supply list this year. We will also have masks available at our school in case a student forgets or loses one during the course of the day.


Since the vaccine is not available for our primary school age students, periodic COVID-19 testing will be conducting at our primary school buildings. Beginning Aug. 23rd, About 20%  of students in the building will be administered a COVID-19 test every three weeks. This means your student will only be tested a couple times a semester. Staff will notify parents/guardians that their student was COVID-19 tested that day.

Sanitation and cleaning procedures will be enacted at schools throughout the day to keep the building clean and safe.

Once again, we are so excited for the school year to begin next week. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration as we keeps our buildings safe this year!

Mrs. Baron