Custom-designed education: one size does not fit all

Posted by Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat on 12/4/2018 9:00:00 PM

Peoria Public Schools continues to change the high school experience in dramatic and exciting ways. Next year high school students will be able to pursue two new career pathways which will enable them to enter Illinois Central College or an Illinois state university with a semester’s worth of credits already earned, saving them time and tuition costs.


The Computer Coding pathway includes 12 semester hours of dual-credit web development, HTML, cyber-security and advanced computer science courses. The classes will receive Illinois Central College credit, and these students will be well on their way to high-paying jobs in a profession expected to experience huge job growth in the next decade.


Similarly, the Teacher Education Pathway, offers dual-credit courses including Intro to American Education, psychology, field experiences in education and Teaching Diverse Populations. Again, students completing these courses will enter college a semester ahead of many of their peers. Peoria Public School guidance counselors are identifying students interested in pursuing careers in education to guide them toward this outstanding opportunities and high school are forming after-school clubs for future educators.


Soon we will launch Peoria Public Schools Online Academy which will allow middle and high school students to take online classes. This exciting development will serve the needs of so many young people:

  • Middle school students can get a head start on secondary math, science or language classes;
  • High school students can take extra electives, moving forward at their own pace;
  • Students with family responsibilities can complete graduation requirements in the evening and on weekends.

While students will complete classwork online, they will have regular contact with course teachers and testing will be completed with a teacher supervising.


Currently, a Manual Academy senior is attending Midstate College on a scholarship during the day and completing her high school Spanish and AP biology classes online. 


This is just one example of how Peoria Public School career pathways and Online Academy will make custom-designed education a reality for all students.

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