Helping students imagine their futures

Posted by Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat on 10/15/2018 10:00:00 AM

Alignment Peoria’s K-5 Career Awareness Framework is bringing new career ideas to Peoria Public Schools’ youngest students. The kids are learning about different fields and possible career paths, sparking their imaginations and allowing them to dream about who they could become.


The framework highlights specific industries to students at each grade level. The students will take field trips and hear from classroom speakers whose careers match the identified industries. Semester one and semester two will feature different industries:

  • Kindergarten – Emergency Services and Agriculture
  • 1st grade – Entrepreneur/Business and Media/Communications
  • 2nd grade – Health/Fitness and Natural Resources
  • 3rd grade – Government and Information Technology
  • 4th grade – Manufacturing and Medical
  • 5th grade – Engineering and Education/Training


Many partners have stepped up to help make the Career Awareness Framework a reality. Speakers and field trips will be provided by:

  • Kindergarten – Advanced Medical Transport
  • 1st grade – WTVP
  • 2nd grade – Peoria Park District
  • 3rd grade – City Hall
  • 4th grade – Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center
  • 5th grade – Jump Trading and Simulation Center


The Alignment Peoria work continues to bring together a remarkable collaboration of businesses, community partners and volunteers. To learn more or get involved, visit


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