PJStar Letter: Negative perceptions of Peoria schools unfair, inaccurate

There is a negative perception of Peoria Public Schools and I can attest that this is a misperception.

I studied at Peoria Central High School as an exchange student two years ago. I was extremely impressed by the friendly environment, great education opportunity, and dedicated administration.

I never felt unsafe, whether at class, walking in the hallways, having lunch or at a sporting event. The students and the entire school staff were friendly. The school counselors and leadership work diligently every day to help students achieve success, resolve problems and meet their needs in any way they can.

The best part of my tremendous experience were the teachers themselves. They are extraordinarily skilled professionals who strive to provide students the best education possible. They are immensely helpful and want each and every student to succeed. Quite frankly, most of the teachers working at Peoria Central are better than most of the teachers I have ever had in the Czech Republic.

It is time to stop talking bad about Peoria Public Schools because it negatively affects the potential future families and students going to these schools. It is on everyone to decide whether they accept these wrong perceptions or get involved and experience Peoria's schools themselves. I can guarantee that these are great schools and teachers, providing a path to success for whomever wants to succeed. Any failure is on the parents of those students.

Honza Kaspar

Czech Republic

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