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Tech Tips

Technology Tips
*see attachment for How to View Student Email
*see attachment for How to Access a New Class
  • Please ensure your student is shutting their computer down daily.
  • Use the Microsoft Teams Desktop App for best results (updates automatically).
  • The Streams can sometimes be finicky. When experiencing problems, try to restart your computer to see if this fixes the problem.
  • With balancing classes, various students' schedules have been changed. Even if their calendar on Teams is not correct, they can still access their new class.
    • View the attachment for step-by-step instructions on how to access a new class.
    • Email/call Ms. Amy Adamow if your Teams calendar is wrong.
  • View technology tips & handouts in weekly Sunday emails and on the Richwoods Webpage.
  • When teachers use private channels to chat students, the notfications will show up in their activity log. Please encourage students to check their activity log on Teams.
  • Email Ms. Amy Adamow ( or call the main phone line (309-693-4400) and ask to speak with Ms. Amy Adamow with any technology needs.
  • Technology help appointments available. Email or call Ms. Amy Adamow to make an appointment. 

How to Access Email

How to Access Class When You are Added to a New Class

Ms. Amy Adamow