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IHSA Update - 8/6/20

As we approach the start of the "fall" season, I want to provide some updates on the fall sports and other timelines for activities as we finish up the summer contact day period and transition into the school year.  Please know that our guidance for fall sports, open gyms and our new fall contact day period is a combination of IHSA by-laws with some modifications along with the All Sports Policy prepared by IDPH, ISBE and DCEO.  The details of All Sports Policy are available here: All Sports Policy.

  • August 9, 2020 is the last day to conduct summer contact days.
    • August 10, 2020 is the first day of fall sports for Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys and Girls Golf, Girls Tennis and Girls Swimming and Diving.  Please find the sport specific guidance for each of those sports at this link: Sport Specific Guidelines.  I would encourage athletic directors to review this sport by sport guidance for the fall sports as your prepare to schedule and host contests.
  • August 10, 2020 is the first day of practice for fall baseball at schools that do not have a football team (by-law 5.010) and fall softball at schools that do not have a volleyball team (by-law 5.260).
  • August 10, 2020 is also the day in which schools may make use of the provisions of IHSA By-law 3.160 Open Gym Limitations.  Schools will need to adhere to the guidance of the Phase 4 Return to Play Guidelines and the All Sports Policy when conducting open gyms either at your schools or at an off-site facility that is used during an athletic season.  No sport specific training by high school coaches is permitted during the school year outside of a sport season with the following exception:
    • From September 7, 2020 – October 31, 2020, the IHSA Board of Directors has approved schools to conduct 20 "contact days" to permit school coaches to engage with students at your school in sport specific training within the guidelines of the Phase 4 Return to Play Guidelines and the All Sports Policy.  Like the summer contact day period, coaches and students will each have 20 contact days in each sport to use for sport specific instruction and training.  Out of season sports may not conduct interscholastic competition during this time.  Per the All Sports Policy, medium risk sports may conduct intra-team scrimmages with parental consent.  Schools will develop their own consent forms.  This is assuming medium risk sports remain at Level 2 of the All Sports Policy.  This would be subject to change per the direction of IDPH.  We will notify member schools of these updates when we are made aware of changes.
Mrs. Carly Emken