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student-athlete text messaging Eligibility Center begins texting program September 16

student-athlete text messaging 

Eligibility Center begins texting program September 16

Starting the week of Sept. 16, the Eligibility Center will begin messaging prospective student-athletes via text with updates relating to their Eligibility Center accounts.

The text messaging program, which has been under development for more than a year, is designed to more effectively communicate information about the certification process to high school student-athletes seeking certification, as well as increase each student-athlete’s rate of response to certification tasks. The program is also designed to decrease the number of emails sent from the Eligibility Center and minimize inquiries to the Customer Service team.


During the certification season, which runs through summer to mid-September, an average of 250,000 prospective student-athletes come through the EC, seeking certification or information on certification. Of those, approximately 100,000 register with a certification account annually.

Each account can require a dozen or more direct contacts from the EC, usually via email, in order to assist each student in moving their certification process forward.

We are excited about this technical enhancement and look forward to expanding this service in the future. Thank you for all of your collaborative efforts on behalf of student-athletes!