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7th Grade Students at Washington Learn from Community Mentors

On May 1st Washington hosted a variety of community mentors who helped 7th grade students with their cross-curricular research papers on Peoria issues. These generous individuals met with students and explained the ins and outs of various local problems and projects including school safety, transportation and roads, environmental concerns, business development, Peoria Park District initiatives, and funding both for the city and for the school district. After meeting with their experts, students used the information they learned in their Peoria Issue research papers and listed their interviewees as one of their information sources. Thank you to our community mentors: Mr. Cesar Suarez, City of Peoria; Mr. Steve Montez and Mr. Tom Miller, Peoria Park District; Ms. Anna Ghidina, IDOT; Mr. Josh Joseph, Soil and Water Conservation; Ms. Denise Moore, Peoria City Council, Mr.Joe Dulin, City of Peoria; and Ms. Dickerson, Peoria Downtown Development Corporation. They all illustrate how by working together we can make our home of Peoria even better. Thank you for helping our students research and solve a Peoria Issue!

Moore                                   Miller

Picture 1 Ms. Denise Moore, city council member answers questions on City government.

Picture 2 Mr. Tom Miller, manager of Sommer Park and conservationist, answers questions on environmental issues.