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Betina Fleming Wins PNC Classroom Grant

Betina Fleming One of Six PPS teachers to win PNC classroom grants

Six Peoria Public School teachers won PNC Foundation Classroom Grants on Tuesday, with a combined value of $5,243.

The winning teachers are projects:

  • Washington Gifted School 5th/6th grade teacher Betina Fleming won $1,000 for Curious? Research and Write On!! The grant money will be used to upgrade classroom technology so students can conduct research and process materials for written assignments.
  • Trewyn Therapeutic Program science teacher Cheryl Halm won $421 for Follow That Monarch! Replenishing the Food Supply. The project will allow students to study the life cycle and migration of monarch butterflies and plan, budget and install the plants and materials necessary to restore the monarch habitat behind the school.
  • Courtney Lee, biology and physical science teacher at Peoria High School, won $962 for Forensic Investigation providing students with authentic, interactive materials to learn about real-life applications of DNA analysis.
  • Manual Academy biology and chemistry teacher Catherine McKenzie won $860 to establish a Forensic Science Lab. The lab will allow students to practice and apply the scientific method. Students will collect information from a simulated crime scene and process hair, blood, fingerprint and handwriting analysis. Students will use higher-level thinking to analyze and report lab results to form a logical conclusion regarding the most likely crime suspect.
  • Engineering Starts Here, a project at Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School submitted by teacher Kelly Stewart, will introduce engineering concepts to primary-grade children. The project will include hands-on experiences to cultivate higher level thinking, give students autonomy in learning, build creativity skills and meet state standards.
  • Franklin Primary School teacher Angela Watkins won $1,000 for The Mindful Motions PE Project. The project will incorporate a one-hour yoga class, using proper equipment, in the encore program. Students will learn mindfulness techniques including meditation, gentle movement and breath work through yoga which in turn can improve student focus, academic performance and decrease stress.

The PNC Foundation supports educational programs for children and youth, particularly early education initiatives that serve low-and moderate-income children (birth through age five), their teachers and families. Priority is given to programs that focus in the areas of math, science, the arts or financial education.

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