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Learning Anywhere and Anytime Process

Good evening, Washington students and parents!

I hope you are inside and staying warm. In addition to the cold, I know you have been hit with a flurry of notices!! As you are aware, the schools are closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Students were also sent home with letters explaining the process.   I wanted to take a brief moment to explain and perhaps clarify the “Learning Anywhere and Anytime “process over the next two days as it pertains to Washington.

  • Please help us help your student. Please emphasize with your student the need to complete the assignments, whether through learning log, assignment notes, packets, or tasks that every teacher gave to students today (Tuesday)
  • If your student was not in attendance today ( Tuesday 1/29) , they may either check with the teacher website, access the assignment, or  get the assignment from the teacher upon return Friday. If they  get the assignment on Friday, the assignment must be turned in next week for credited attendance    
  • Please emphasize with students that these assignments are required to be turned in to each teacher in advance or upon return to school Friday 2/1 in order to count towards attendance
  • The ISBE has granted permission for this alternative learning setting as long as there is productive work for students, and thus the days count (no need to extend into summer!)
  • If work is not turned in, the dates will count as an absence
  • Every teacher has further information posted on their teacher sites, as well as information on our school website
  • If you do not have internet access these next two days, written work is sufficient
  • Teachers are available on-line tomorrow and Thursday between 9:00-2:30 for any clarification or assistance needed
  • I will be here at Washington both days, and also able to be reached by email if you have any concerns, questions, or need more clarification.
  • The All School Spelling Bee is now set for 9:30AM Friday 2/1!!
  • As soon as I have information on any rescheduled activities/events/etc I will send you notice.
  • STAY WARM!!!!!!!