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Special Guests at the Honor Roll Banquet

OMG, Cami from the Blank Stairs!!!

Cami Proctor and Jacob Behm

We were honored to have many amazing visitors to our Honor Roll Banquet on Friday, January 18th. Superintendent Dr. Desmoulin-Kherat listened as former Washington students Natasha Abercrombie, Aiden Williams, Jacob Behm, Nadia Davis, Caden Reinhart, and Damiana Zaborowski played, along with former WGMS superstars Cami Proctor, Anna Glavin, and Claire Morrical. They are current members of the Richwoods Choir, Band and Jazz Ensemble that serenaded students with pieces from Les Miserables and Dear Evan Hansen. Caden even performed a piece that he composed based on the Legend of Zelda video games. Several other RHS students sang and played to entertain the students that made it on the Washington Honor Roll.

We honored our First Semester Academic Excellence students with catered breakfast.  Following breakfast, the students were entertained by members of the  Richwoods High School fine arts programs.  Thanks so much to the Washington PTO for their help, assistance, and sponsorship of this event.

The Academic Excellence Roll is comprised of students who achieved all As and only 1 B in any course this past semester.  A special mid week All call/notification went out this Wednesday evening with the list of these students, and they were posted on our school website.  We are proud of all the efforts of our students, especially those who showed tremendous improvement over the course of the semester!

Academic Excellence Roll S1 2018-19 Washington

501   (4)

Lily Armstrong

Nabeeha Elmi

AJ Isada

Huda Shaikh

502  (8)

Lincoln Adler

Lillian Arvin

Jennae Bailey

Ethan Benefield

Connor Eldridge

Connor Koza

Melissa Rosano Alarcon

Asma Serir

503  (9)

Cole Carley

Delainey Dunnan

Katsumi Engel

Will Hudson

Kevin Liao

Adam Michanicou

Agrini Neekhra

Lluvia Rodriguez

Jaidan Smith

601 (5)

Evelyn Bell

Ruth Cavanah

Zachary Gilbert

William Henley

Brenna Huff

602 (5)

Lillian Carmack

Henry Drozd

Ayannah Garcia

Rita Pierz

Claudia Robles

603 (5)

Kaleb Garza

Olivia Hauri

Kiara Jackson

Jasmyn Le

Lia Zurek

701 (21)

Michael Behm

Hiruni Bopearatchy

Dylan Carignan

Lilia Eldarazi

AJ King

Trinity Langhorn

Cate Lewis

Vaisnavi Malipeddi

Alexi Michanicou

Georgia Pastucha

Erin Payne

Kirsten Polk

Kamryn Ragains

Dia Saunders

Max Schwartz

Anthony Tuccillo

Aida Uhler

Diana Vazquez

Ryne Waller

Katie Willis

Laura Zaborowski

702  (2)

Isabella Hauri

Addison Smith

703  (4)

Sammi Campbell

Katherine Debauche

Moises Delgado

Sydney Rutherford

801 (19)

Lauren Burn

Mariah Cade

Molly Friberg

Crayton Hardin

Erin Herkelman

Maleah Hill

Lauryn Hudson

Jude Isada

Mia Jackson

Daniel Jeffs

Lilyhan Liao

Savannah Maughn

Neil Maushard

Zoe McDonald

Jewel Moore Young

Katrina Moser

Carter Rodgers

Mahir Siddiqui

Fritz Volmar

802  (4)

Kelsey Bauer

Casey Chappelle

Misael Quintero

McKenna Shilevinatz

803  (8)

Aiden Bisping

Aiden DellaValle

Sean Lewis

Ruby Raabe

Flynn Robertson

Ryan Salisbury

Bradley Saylor

Blake Sullivan