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Dress Code Update

Student uniform policy is outlined in the Student Handbook section of the Student Planner and is set by the district.
Our school colors are royal blue and gold.
Students violating dress code may be asked to change their outfit. 

From the Student Handbook :

Uniform Shirts

  • Must be one of the four (4) required colors: Royal Blue, White, Navy Blue, Yellow (or Gold); NO LIGHT BLUE, NO RED, ETC.
  • Must have a collar;
  • Any logo must be very small and not distract from the uniform;
  • School Spirit Wear shirts may be worn over COLLARED uniform shirts. Collars must be visible.
  • On the last day of the week, students may wear WGMS Spirit Wear without uniform collar shirt
  • All Spirit Wear must indicate Washington on the article
  • By Principal directive, announcement, or approval only, due to seasonal temperatures or special occasions, the dress code may be adjusted


Uniform Pants/Shorts/Skirts

  • Guiding principal is that any pants must not be form fitting or tight.
  • Must be khaki, navy blue, or black;
  • Shorts of khaki, navy blue, or black are allowed, however, the shorts must not be shorter than the fingertips when the student puts his/her arms straight down by his/her side.


Sweatshirts or Sweaters or Fleece Jacket

  • Must be blue, white, yellow (or gold), black, or gray
  • Must have a uniform shirt underneath;
  • Must be plain. Any logo must be very small and not distracting.
  • Washington Spirit Wear are the ONLY hoods allowed and may be worn over COLLARED uniform shirts. A uniform shirt must be worn underneath and the collar must be visible.


The office may have SOME extra shirts and pants/shorts for students to change into, but there is a limited selection and the student's size may not be available. Students are NOT guaranteed a change of clothes will be available and may be asked to call home for a change of clothes.
At times when regular clothes are worn on campus, dress code standards set by the district are still applicable:
      No sleeveless, spaghetti straps, low-cut, belly or cut-off shirts
      Pants are not to be worn "low" (below the hips) or very tight
      Shorts and skirts must not be shorter than the fingertips, as stated above
      No hoods
This is not an exhaustive list, therefore just because you don't see it here doesn't mean it is okay to wear. Good judgement should be used and if asked to change, students must comply.

School is a students "place of employment". Students generally conduct themselves in a manner similar to the way in which they dress and groom. Students should be dressed for the academic work of school. We ask parents to monitor their child's dress. Staff and administration retain the right to enforce appropriate dress(e.g. sloppy, too tight, too short, etc.). 

All special "College Colors, spiritwear, or uniform-free" day information will come from the principal.

We have reviewed our code, investigated other equivalent schools, received feedback, and assembled a panel of  students, parents, staff, and teachers to update the Dress Code. Parents and students, please review the updated Dress Code from the handbook. The updated Dress Code will be effective beginning November 2017. Any violation of the code results in a referral to the principal. Repeated violations will warrant parent contact and loss of privilege/referrals. Hopefully, the updated code puts everyone on a consistent page and on to bigger and more productive things.

Dress Code


We have had a lot of confusion and questions about the jean policy at Washington and want to make the policy straightforward. Policy on jeans is as follow:

- Jeans are not allowed to be worn at school with the following exceptions: individual picture days in fall and spring, spirit week and designated-free dress days. If in doubt, always clear with home room teacher or principal before jeans are worn. 

- On the days jeans are acceptable, absolutely no ripped jeans are to be worn.

- If jeans are worn on a day that is not listed in exceptions above, students’ parents will be called to bring uniform pants, shorts, or skirt to school for student to change into.

- If ripped jeans are worn any school day, parents will be called to bring uniform pants, shorts, or skirts to school for student to change into.