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Letter from Dr. Janovetz, Principal


We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather coming our way. Enjoying the simple things in life provides us the positive prospective needed at this time. We encourage you to continue to reach out to loved ones and friends daily to spread positivity and love. We are in this together, Vikings!

Here are some updates to follow for smooth implementation of remote learning:

  • Students can access their district email address by:
  • >
  • Login: student ID number plus (i.e.   (*Make sure students is plural with an s)
  • Password: Student 8 digit birth date (i.e. 02142004)
  • Click the OUTLOOK icon
  • Any issues with email access, please email
  • Teacher and Remote Learning Classrooms information will be on student email
  • Students should check email daily
  • All students are expected to attend each class daily and complete assignments
  • Students may also retake/relearn material from Grading Period 3 to improve their overall semester grades
  • Students failing may also complete additional assignments/assessments to improve to passing status. Please work with each individual teacher
  • Our goal is for 100% of students to be passing every class by the end of the semester through their diligent efforts

Vikings Counselor, Therapist, and Nurse Support:

Please go to our counselor, therapist, and nurse’s webpages at or email them at (counselor), (therapist), and (nurse).


  • All requests for laptops must go through the process at
  • PSD150 Transportation will arrange a delivery schedule
  • Call 693-4418 for inquiries
  • Your patience is appreciated on delivery
  • If you have tried to get the Comcast internet service for free and have been denied for a reason other than an old bill in their name, please send following information to me for that family:
  • Parent name who applied for the help
  • The application number that they received from Comcast
  • The address that they are trying to get service for
  • How long they have been at that address number
  • Student names, grade, and school

We have come across some situations where the parent cannot get service due to reasons other than an old bill in their name and are in connection with Comcast to get these issues resolved. 

  • Also, for any seniors who need internet or are waiting for it to be installed, please send me their information as well:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Date of installation
  • Email address


  • Food is distributed at certain sites throughout the district, with pick-up available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 – 11:30 daily

 Shelter in Place:

  • With the State mandated Shelter in Place through April 30 and warm weather approaching, please protect us all so we can get through this difficult time by ensuring all families and students are strictly following the social distancing and gathering guidelines. We have seen non-related students together in cars and other places within the 6 ft. guidelines. This is dangerous and reckless. Please step up and say no if needed to your teenagers inquiring about gatherings, house visits, group workouts, etc.

Weekly Parent Communication:

If you know any parents/students who have not bee receiving my weekly communications, please have them email to restore for them to receive my voicemails and email communications.