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Easter Seal's COINS FOR KIDS

Easter Seals Coins for Kids


Coins for Kids: The goal is to raise money for our local Easter Seals to help the community members with disabilities! 

  • February 25th - March 1st
  • Bring in change 
  • Competition between homerooms
  • Who will be the class with the most change this year? 


Disability Awareness Program


There are more than 43 million Americans with disabilities.  Nearly half are school-aged children being educated in public and private school with children who do not have disabilities.  The Disability Awareness Program (DAP) is designed to help kids learn about and understand that kids with disabilities are just like them; their disability does not change who they are. 

Each lesson contains an activity to help students understand what it might be like to have a disability.  DAP is a great supplement to a school's social-emotional curriculum and helps meet the state requirement to promote an annual campaign about disability awareness.

The program can be taught at any time of the year.  DAP can be used in conjunction with Coins for Kids, a student's first lesson in philanthropy.

Lessons include:

  • Introductory Lesson
  • Lesson on Vision Impairment
  • Lesson on Hearing Disabilities
  • Lesson on Learning Disabilities
  • Lesson on Physical Disabilities
  • Lesson on Autism
  • Lesson on Bullying
  • Celebrating Our Differences