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Choice Silent Reading!

Choice Silent Reading @ SMS


  • Every Tuesday and Thursday students will have silent reading during WIN!!  The whole school!!!​
  • At least 10 minutes daily of silent reading in all ELA classes. ​
  • Teachers will share out during PLC and PD the childrens and adolescent novel currently reading! 


Together we WILL create a culture of reading!


Peoria Public Library Bookmobile

Another method for students to find a book they want to read! All students are welcome to check out a book as long as they have a PPL card. Applications can be found in the library from Mrs. Yates. 

The bookmobile will be at Sterling on these dates: 

  • Sept 18th
  • October 2nd, 16th, & 30th  
  • November 13th and 27th
  • December 11th



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