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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

       Morning Drop Off Map                                                                        Afternoon Pick Up Map


If you are a Kellar family who drops their student(s) off on the playground area in the morning, please make sure to do the following to keep the line of cars moving safely and efficiently: 01) Pull your car all the way up to the last cone or behind the car in front of you to make room for other cars that are or may be entering the playground area behind you.  02) Make sure your student(s) is ready to immediately get out of the vehicle when you stop.  03) If your student can open the door, get out of the vehicle, and shut the door on their own, please have them do so, especially if teachers are busy with other vehicles.  04) If your student(s) exits the car before entering the cone area, please stay in the line of cars and drive through the cones.  05) When you are driving on school property or on Mount Hawley Road, please take your time and do not speed.  If a friend or relative drops your student(s) off in the morning, please share these expectations with them.  Thanks for all you do, nobody plays a more important role in the educational success of a student than their parent(s) / guardian(s).