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Coding and Fitness Together @ Kellar

  Since the middle of January and lasting until the second to last full week of March students have been coming to the school’s after school Coding & Fitness Club to learn more about and participate in both.  Every Monday through Thursday during the time frame listed above second, third, and fourth grade students have been switching every other day to participate in various activities having to do with physical fitness and computer coding. 

  The coding aspect of the after school club, led by Technology Instructor Mr. Scott Bootz, has given the students an opportunity to further explore computer coding, also known as computer programming, primarily through different activities available online through the Code Studio and Hour of Code websites. 

  The fitness aspect of the after school club, led by Fourth Grade Instructor Mr. Colby Tapling, has been a really eye opener for many students in regards to all of the ways exercise can be incorporated into games in really interesting and unique ways.  For example, students have used Superman cards and large squishy dice to direct them as to what exercise to do as well as how many reps.  Another example is the Pac-Man tag game.  In this activity two students are designated as ghosts and have to move around attempting to tag other students, but there’s a catch.  Just like the video game, students have to follow paths and cannot move outside of them.  In addition, once a student is tagged they become a blockade on the path and the other students cannot move around them.

  The club became a reality thanks to a grant the school received that helped fund the program and gave the school the opportunity to purchase new physical education equipment which is available fo use during club time as well the school day.         




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