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Creating Super Readers focus of literacy presentation

Peoria Public Schools welcomed literacy expert and motivational speaker Pam Allyn, senior vice president of innovation and development for Scholastic Education this week. She has written 26 books for educators, leaders and families about reading, writing and quality learning including Every Child a Super Reader with Ernest Morrell. 


Allyn’s presentation to district administrators, teachers, interventionists and instructional coaches explored ways to simplify reading and writing instruction. Allyn’s approach to literacy is based on ten principles which educators and parents can use to create a super reader.  She also spoke of seven strengths or social-emotional skills that must be nurtured to give children the foundation to be super readers.


Allyn’s groundbreaking literacy movement serves children throughout the world.


Following her presentation to educators, Allyn visited Whittier and Franklin primary schools where she spoke to students and read to them. She asked Whittier students about their reading habits, where they like to go to read and about their favorite authors and books.


Peoria Public Schools are striving to ensure every student is reading at grade level when they complete third grade. Presentations such as Allyn's and use of Waterford Early Learning web-based curriculum give educators and parents tools to reach this goal. 


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