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Peoria Public Schools make attendance gains

Harrison Community Learning Center, Franklin Primary School and Sterling Middle School earned the top three Most Improved Attendance awards at the December 9 Board of Education meeting.

Principal Anna Rose of Franklin, assistant principal Marcy Burdette-Steele of Sterling, and principal Fabian Daniels of Harrison told board members and administrators about their efforts. Harrison has instituted a walking school bus to escort students to school each day. Franklin offers incentives and rewards to students and parents with exemplary attendance. Sterling administrators also work one-on-one with families to get students to school and recognizes each month's top homeroom with the attendance belt and other incentives.


Assistant principal Steele accepts Sterling award


Comparing November 2018 to November 2019, Harrison's attendance rose 1.91 percent, from 91.28 percent to 93.19 percent. Franklin's rose 2.53 percent, from 91.32 percent to 93.85 percent, and Sterling's rose 4.90 percent, from 87 percent to 91.90 percent.

The Peoria Public School district average for November 2019 was 92.5 percent and five schools made the 95 percent club: Kellar Primary, Washington Gifted Middle School, Lindbergh Middle School and Northmoor Primary School.

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