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Scouts give Whittier Outdoor Classroom an upgrade

A group of Whittier alum, all members of West Peoria Scout Troop 11, spent today giving back to their primary school. The Whittier Primary School outdoor classroom, located across the street from the school, is being upgraded as Richwoods High School senior Alex O’Shaughnessy’s Eagle Scout project. Today the students, many of whom now attend Richwoods High School and Manual Academy, weeded and cleaned existing beds, planted a new butterfly garden, installed planter boxes, a weather station and picnic tables.


Each Whittier grade level will have their own planter box to tend. Two additional planter boxes are reserved for neighboring St. Mark’s School and the Moss-Bradley neighborhood association. Whittier students will be able to track temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction with the wireless weather station.


Community members and District staff provided assistance for the Whittier outdoor classroom project. The neighborhood association provided input on O’Shaughnessy’s landscaping plan. Most of the new plants for the butterfly garden were donated by Rolling Acres Middle School teacher Dawn Gersich. Troop 11 members learned some basic skills from Peoria Public Schools Building and Grounds staff members, who constructed the picnic tables and installed the weather station post.


Take time this summer to visit the garden and enjoy!