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OT team receives Remarkable Spirit Award

This week a team won the Remarkable Spirit Award for the first time. Occupational Therapist Danielle Walker, and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants Molly Reeser and Brooke Riley comprise The Self-Regulation Team from Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School.


This team is piloting a Self-Regulation program that includes: completing a screening of all kindergarten students for readiness skills that guided the development of push-in lessons and formation of homerooms; developing and presenting in-class lessons that teach social skills, self-regulation, fine motor skills needed for school and movement in every K-2 classroom in the building for 20 minutes each week; developing and presenting self-regulation strategies in every 3rd and 4th grade classroom including explicit instruction in breathing, calming strategies and yoga; and more!


The award was presented by Special Service Coordinator for Private Schools and Therapies Carolyn Nunn and Executive Director Dr. Nicole Wood.