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Superintendent Credits the Help of Stakeholders in Changing the Direction of PPS

Superintendent Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat credits community support for the improved performance of Peoria Public Schools, as reported by the 2017 Illinois District Report Card released Wednesday, November 1. Every grade level showed increases along with 15 schools in the District, resulting in a 1 percent overall gain for the District’s 3rd- through 8th-grade students participating in the annual PARCC assessment.


“We still have a lot of work to do, but I think we’ve made important strides and today’s progress report shows the impact of our work together. The business community has been supportive of our revitalized Adopt-A-School program, Alignment Peoria and other activities designed to integrate our schools and community. The voters’ approval of the County Facilities Sales Tax was vital also,” said Desmoulin-Kherat.  “So many people put bright yellow yard signs up to encourage parents and students to be at school every day. Principals, assistant principals and classroom teachers are working to incentivize students to be at school every day. So many people working with us to improve attendance, achievement, the physical environment of our buildings, our students’ social emotional health and to give Peoria Public School students the tools to be successful after graduation.”


The upward, positive movement of Peoria Public Schools is the focus of a 30-second video ( the District is releasing along with the Illinois District Report Card. The new report card data was released by the Illinois State Board of Education this morning.


The 2017 Illinois District Report card for Peoria Public Schools is available at: The interactive report card ( A static PDF report card for each school the school’s website, and can be located under “about us” on the “report card” link.