• Welcome to Ms. Sangster's Online Classroom!



    Ms. Candace Sangster
    VonStebeuben Middle School
    Room 105
    Welcome students and families! Although this is a an extremely hard situation, I am so excited to connect with all of you and continue to learn through online learning! We will work through this together and I am here for any of your children's educational needs! I will be continuing to add important updates as we go!
    Important News: 
    Week of April 6-9:
    Students will begin working online. In order for us to get back on a routine, I am providing a daily schedule for online learning. I have provided the times that I am available, when we will meet as a class online, as well as the content the students will be covering the next few weeks going forward.  We will be using Microsoft teams in which I will provide directions. The students are familiar with this program so hopefully this shouldn't be too hard. I will be providing websites and links for the educational content we will be using. 
    Resources for Remote Learning (Descriptions Provided):
    WEEKLY SCHEDULE: Online learning is scheduled daily from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Students will receive live lessons on Microsoft Teams and can recieve core instruction as well as assistance on anything they need. I will be available from those same times everyday if there are any questions or concerns by email or text (I will personally text my number to my families).  The schedule I provided shows the times, subjects, as well as student/teacher responsbilities throughout the online learning day. 
    Microsoft Teams: Online Learning will take place on this featured application. The students are familiar with MS teams and were using it prior to school closing. I will be doing daily lessons with students online implementing stratigies and content we have been working on. Students can recieve assistance and you can feel free to ask any questions during these times as well. The times will be provided in my weekly shedule also provided here in resources. I will be providing directions on how to set up and work this program. 
    Think Central: