• Welcome to the Special Education Department!

    Dr. Ann Bond, Interim Director of Special Education

    Administration Building
    3202 N. Wisconsin Ave.
    Peoria, IL  61603
    Phone:  672-6752

    The Special Education Department follows and has added our own goals to the District's four Remarkable Rules as we strive to respect our customers, learning, finances and individual differences in everything we do.
    • Remarkable Rules

    Respecting the Customer:
    The role of the Director is to provide leadership by example: ensuring that interactions and communications provide a high level of courtesy, respect, professionalism, and clarity when dealing with the complex educational needs of students with disabilities and their families.

    Respecting Learning:
    The role of the Director is to provide support for educational opportunities for students with disabilities, including access to the general education curriculum, educational supports across settings, and individual needs outlined in the students IEPs. The Director provides leadership in collaboration among all educational personnel, so that coordination of efforts yields improved educational outcomes for students with disabilities. Finally, the Director establishes a climate of accountability within the staff so that outcomes can be realized.

    Respecting Our Finances:
    The role of the Director is to provide leadership in developing appropriate programs and services within fiscal parameters established by the administrative team. These programs must meet federal and state laws and regulations; the individual needs outlined in Individual Educational Plans; and provide for the health and safety of students and staff. Maintaining compliance with these program parameters will minimize expenses associated with non-compliance status.

    Respecting Individual Differences:
    The role of the Director is to provide leadership by example, ensuring that the needs of students with disabilities, their families, and district employees are heard and addressed in a respectful, fair, and consistent manner. Positive communication and effective listening skills are key methods to promoting an atmosphere that respects individual differences.