• Frequently Asked Questions

    about Schools and Coronavirus (COVID-19)


    Family Information


    Where does the district get their information?

    The district receives regular updates from health officials. See the Peoria City/County Health Department (https://www.pcchd.org/).


    How will we know when school will be open or closed?

    The Superintendent will provide daily updates to parents via through all social media outlets commonly used (Facebook, website, Twitter, text, phone message, district app). The media will also be utilized to provide information. Messages will be in English and Spanish.


    How will we know when it is safe for children to return to school?

    The Superintendent will provide an update to address this information. Principals will also communicate with families.


    What are students supposed to do when not in school?

    Students (Parents) may participate in Remote Learning (e-learning) by getting assignments from each school website and/or with materials provided by schools. Principals will communicate with parents as well.



    What if we do not have wifi access?

    Comcast has free wifi access to new customers for 60 days. Visit the special Comcast website for more information:  https://www.internetessentials.com/.


    How does this impact spring break?

    Spring break will remain March 23 – 27. Students will not be expected to complete school work during spring break.


    How does this impact students being able to attend after school or weekend activities?

    A daily communication will be provided to families and staff regarding status of after-school and weekend activities.


    Will non-staff personnel be allowed in schools when schools are open?

    We will ask all parents, visitors, speakers/presenters, to not enter schools during the time of containment as identified by the health department recommendations.


    Will non-staff personnel be allowed in schools when schools are closed?




    What if our family needs food?

    The district is working on locations throughout the city to provide meals any student. These locations will be presented in daily communication and listed in this FAQ as soon as known.


    Will schools be cleaned so it is safe for my child(ren) to come back?

    Instructions were sent to custodians two weeks ago and are already being implemented to wipe down frequently touched surfaces, including doorknobs, desktops, stairwell railings and all flat surfaces. Buses have also been included in this rigorous sanitizing process.


    Will buses be cleaned so it is safe for my child(ren)?

    All buses will also be sanitized. All frequently touched and flat surfaces will be priority.


    Where can I learn about Coronavirus (COVID-19) information?

    Please use the link to connect to the Peoria City/County Health Department (https://www.pcchd.org/) to get the most up-to-date information about the virus.