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    Position:High School Work Coordinator
    Contact Information: Email:kurt.mankle@psd150.org; Phone: 309-693-4448
    Room #:321
    The Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP Program) has been part of a partnership with Peoria Public Schools District 150 for 40 years. The STEP program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn how to gain employment, attain employment experience that will develop positive work habits, build a good work history, and explore possible career paths. I am the Work Coordinator for the program at Richwoods High School and work with students ranging from sophomores to seniors. Students that are in need of extra support to find employment throughout high school and after graduation are eligible for this program. High school students who have a disability and are receiving special education services or other assistance because of their disability are eligible for the STEP Program. Students must also meet certain GPA requirements. For additional information, please contact me.
    For the Learning Anywhere, Anytime Days, Students that are currently in the Work Training Program will need to contact the Work Coordinator through email once a week. Within the email, the student will need to let the Work Coordinator know the status of their worksite and report the hours that they work per week. For those students that are not working, the student shall update the work coordinator on how their other classes are going throughout the week. These activities are aligned with working on their employability skills. 
    email: kurt.mankle@psd150.org
Last Modified on March 16, 2020