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    From the Librarian
    Dear Parents and Students-
    I love books! I love my job as Librarian and Teacher Aide for Whittier. I am a former teacher and believe it or not, I still read aloud to my own children who are now in 7th grade and 9th grade! Please feel free to email me if you have questions or ideas for how I can help your children continue to grow in their choice reading.
    Ms. Brady 

    Whittier Chapter Book Challenge 2016-2017

    illinois bluestem reader's choice

    Calling Whittier Students and Their Families!


    Since 2008 the Illinois School Library Media Association has nominated twenty books for the Bluestem Award. This award is a reader’s choice award, and I am excited to announce that Whittier students in grades 3-4 will be participating in the selection of the Bluestem Award Winner for 2017.


    How It Works:

    1)    Students will read at least four of the nominated books with a parent or “at home reading buddy” before February 15, 2017.


    2)    We want parents/reading buddies to read these books aloud to their children since the books are 4th and 5th grade reading level, above many Whittier students’ independent reading level. This program is designed to help families enjoy reading together and help students get comfortable with chapter books (Learn new vocabulary! Talk about books together!)


    3)    In the spring of 2017 Ms. Brady will ask you to vote for your favorite Bluestem Nominee.


    How to Start:

    1)    I have included a list and description of the 20 books with this letter. Please look it over with your child and decide if you would like to participate.


    2)    If you decide to participate, please fill out the enrollment form and return it to your child’s teacher


    Once Enrolled:

    1)    Your child will be allowed to check out Bluestem nominated books to bring home to be read together


    2)    Read four, read all 20, just make sure it is ENJOYABLE!


    What happens if you don’t like the book?

    If you begin a book and your child does not enjoy it, PLEASE have your child return it and try another title! We want to keep the books circulating and we want you to enjoy reading together!


    If you have questions, please contact me at jennifer.brady@psd150.org or send me a text at 309-863-5299. I will set up some kind of social media to help us communicate as the year goes on.


    Thank you for all your support!


    Ms. Brady, Whittier Librarian