• Meet Mr. Blumer, Principal
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    Tom Blumer

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    Lincoln K-8 School
    (309) 672-6542
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    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to Lincoln!  I am happy to be the Principal of Lincoln K-8 School. Our school mission is to help students to be productive citizens by developing academic, social, emotional, higher order thinking skills, and peacemaking skills that will prepare them for high school, college and their future careers in a welcoming environment of mutual respect, nonviolence, and trust. To accomplish this mission, students, parents, and staff must work together to ensure our unified success.

    We want your child to be educationally focused and productive!  You are an important part of this team unifying home, school, and community working together to assure each student reaches his/her highest potential.  Our hope is that each student feels a sense of belonging in a safe, loving environment where they can explore their creativity and decision making skills in fun and academically rewarding ways.

    To uphold this vision, the following “Lincoln Ways” will help our unified team guarantee every child’s success: 

    • Support the school.
      • Lincoln is a “COOL” school! It’s cool to be a part of the great things we do!
      • Maintain a positive attitude about your child’s education, school, teachers, and district.
      • Assist in providing the best educational experience for your child (supporting homework and reading logs, school and classroom expectations, getting involved, etc.)
    • Insist upon regular attendance and punctuality.
      • See that your child attends school on time every day.
    • Get to know your child’s teachers.
      • Know and work with your child's teachers. Ongoing communication is important to every child’s success.
    • Read and discuss our handbook with your child.
      • Maintain a better understanding of our expectations, operations, and events for Lincoln K-8 School.


    I know this will be another remarkable year.  Together, we will continue to promote excellence for every child at Lincoln K-8 School.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call 672-6542.


    Thomas Blumer, Principal