• Parents, faculty, administration and student representatives will jointly develop the Manual Academy Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy, and the process for evaluating the policy.


    The Manual Academy Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy, as well as changes and updates will be distributed to Manual families by mail or e-mail.


    Manual Academy will establish a Parent Advisory Team that will help to implement our strategic plan to strongly increase parental involvement in the education of their individual students, as well as Manual Middle & High School in general.


    Manual will require parents of Title 1 students to provide necessary feedback and suggestions for developing, implementing and evaluating effective Title 1 programs.


    The Manual Student/Parent/School Compact will be revised to address the general responsibilities of the students, parents and staff in the educational process.  All involved parties will then sign the Student/Parent/School Compact.


    Manual will work to become a community-based school in which we partner with various agencies and organizations that provide services to students and their families as it relates to attendance, tutoring, career planning, housing and physical, mental and emotional health.


    Manual will provide the appropriate professional development for faculty and staff as it relates to developing a safe and positive learning environment in which all students can learn and instruction that is focused on increasing achievement as measured on both local and state assessments.


    Manual will use valid assessment tools to measure and report the academic progress of its Title 1 students annually.  This information will be made available to students, parents and staff members.


    -Revised 09/10

    Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy Draft from September 3, 2014 meeting.