The name of the step team is the Glen Oak Steppers. They range from grades 4th-6th.  There are 40 members both girls and boys.  This is the first time that Glen Oak School has ever had a step team. They are the only primary step team in Peoria.  This is the fourth school in District 150 to have a step team.  Woodruff High was first, Lincoln Middle was second, Manual High was third and Glen Oak Learning Center was fourth. Being a part of the step team has made a difference in a lot of the students attitudes, self-esteem, social life and especially academic progress. The goal of the step team program is to encourage, motivate, enlighten and tap into the abilities of students both artistically and creatively while also giving them an incentive to be their best both academically and socially. They have performed for the Grandparents' Day Program and at Glen Oak for the three home basketball games. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GLEN OAK STEPPERS FOR WINNING FIRST PLACE IN THE 2014 PROCTOR CENTER TALENT SHOW!!!!