• Community and Family Resource Links

    South Side Mission www.southsidemission.org (309) 676-4604

    1127 S. Laramie

    o Emergency Shelter

    o Clothing

    o Food Pantry

    Center For Prevention of Abuse www.centerforpreventionofabuse.org (800) 559-7233 
    720 W. Joan Court

                              o Safe Shelter

    o Crisis Intervention

    o Individual and Family Support

    o Small Group Support

    Common Place www.commomplacepeoria.org  (309) 674-3315

    514 S. Shelley

    o After school programs

    o Home Repair

    o Adult Literacy

    Crittenton Center www.crittentoncenters.org (309) 674-0105

    442 W. John Gwynn Jr. Avenue

    o Crisis Nursery

    o Child Care

    o Community and family education

    o Parenting programs for strong families

    Boys and Girls Club www.bgcpeoria.org (309) 673-3673

    2703 W. Grinnell Street

    o Afterschool programs

    o Summer Programs

    o Youth Activities

    Big Brothers and Sisters www.hoibbbs.org (309) 637-1771

    1212 SW Adams #1

    o Mentoring

    o Volunteer Opportunities

    Human Service Center – (309) 671-8000 and (309) 589-7980

    1200 Hamilton Blvd.

    o Family Counseling

    o Youth Counseling

    o Substance Abuse Counseling

    o Emergency Response Counseling Services

    Family Core (formerly Counseling and Family Services) www.cfspeoria.org (309) 676-2400

    o Family Support

    o Youth Outreach

    o Counseling

    o Adoption

    o Foster Care

    TASC – Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities www.tasc.org (309) 673-3769

    108 S. Madison

    o Healthworks

    o Smart Start for Healthy Children and Families

    o Access to Recovery

    o Various statewide services for assistance with juvenile court and probation.

    PCCEO – Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity www.pcceo.org (309) 671-3900   

    711 W. McBean Street

    o Youth Summer Jobs

    o Headstart

    o Prescription Assistance

    o Utility Assistance

    o Rent/ Mortgage/ Emergency Housing

    o Food Bank

    o Small Business Assistance

    Friendship House www.peoriafriendshiphouse.org (309) 671-5200  
    800 NW Madison Avenue

    o Dress for Success

    o Latino Outreach Program

    o Children’s Programming

    o Various Community Support Programs