Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Autum Dunbar

Mrs. Dunbar was born and raised in Princeville IL, the middle child of five, and mother of three. She started to become passionate about Cosmetology in high school when she participated in co-op at a small-town hair salon. When she graduated from Princeville, she went right into Cosmetology at Tricoci University and graduated in 2013. Her passion is not only in hair, but is also everything nails. She is currently working as a nail technician and has been for past 8 years. She started at Woodruff in March 2021 as a Teacher’s Assistant for the Cosmetology Program. Her goal is to help students learn and be passionate about their career path right out of high school as much as she did. She also is wants to further her career and become a Cosmetology teacher.