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    February 17,2022

    We added SNOW DAY #3 plans to the back of the take-home binders: 

    Students should complete at least 5 hours of at-home learning using the menu.  The approximate time it should take to complete each assignment is in each box on the grid/menu.  If it takes more or less time, cross out the time listed and write the actual amount of time it took to complete the assignment.  As students complete items on the menu, they will cross them off and attach any paperwork or materials they used to complete them.

    If there is more than one snow day, students will repeat the process, and they can do any assignments they didn't complete from the menu.  It is a CHOICE menu.   Also, if you do something educational as a family, like play a game, read together, etc., students can write that down and count those activities toward their hours.

    Parents, please sign the snow-day menu for your child before they bring it back to school for credit. 

    There are activities from the art and gym teachers as well.  These can be counted toward the 5 hours of at-home work.  Students should write down the art and/or P.E. activities and include the amount of time spent completing them.

    Some activities require an at-home computer with Internet.  If your child doesn't have access, she/he can choose other activities that don't require them. If students choose to do the activities using their Journeys reading book, they will need to access them through https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com.

    Please note that I will be available for student/parent questions and concerns from 9am to 2:30pm at: michelle.blumer@psd150.org

    Thank you for your support!!

    Michelle Blumer