Episode 2 -- March 19, 2021 Grammy Review
    Episode 1 -- March 5, 2021 Hot Takes



    The Podcast Club

    Sponsors: Dr. Kara Lycke, Mr. Terry Cole

    Meetings: Fridays from 2:45 - 3:45 (recording and editing times may vary)

    Location: Richwood's High School, Room 603, Choir room, or on Teams


    The Podcast club will serve the purpose of educating students as well as benefiting their personal social growth. Additionally, we would like to make this an all-inclusive group of students. We would like students to have a space to express their interests and opinions, find people who have similar tastes, and expose students to a variety of perspectives on issues they care about.


    Important Priorities:

    • Respecting peers and any outside opinion.
    • Developing new relationships.
    • Sharing various perspectives with the people surrounding us.
    • Building leadership skills.
    • Allowing students a safe space to voice their opinion.
    • Accepting feedback on the content of the podcast from the sponsor.


    Members will:

    1. Write and produce a weekly podcast.
    2. Interview relevant guests on the podcast.
    3. Research and organize topics to discuss in the podcast.
    4. Maintain a respectful approach to all topics discussed.
    5. Work on communication skills on and off the podcast.


    Club members will brainstorm topics based on creative interests, current events, and educational opportunities and plans. With that, students will work together to develop prompts as well as discussion questions for the upcoming podcast. After recording a conversation, students will edit it if needed- but we plan to make the podcast as organic as possible. Leaders will be in-charge of uploading the final product onto the approved platform.