• Hello room 200! Welcome to Mr. Berg's Online Classroom!

    Mr. Berg
    Name: Mr. Berg
    Grade: 3
    Room #: 200

     Hello.  My name is Mr. Berg and I have been a teacher in district 150 for over 27 years.  I love working with kids and watching their growth throughout the year.  Charter Oak is a great school, and I am so happy to be a part of this excellent staff.   I am thrilled to work with such wonderful kids and a great principal each day.  I hope your child has a wonderful and enriched third grade year!
         Here are a couple of websites that you can use to keep you updated on what we are doing in the classroom.
    http://eurekamathhelp.piqua.org  This website has helpful homework help and great current Learnzillion videos.  You just need to find the module and lesson we are currently working on in class.
         You may also go to www.psd150.org for math help.  Find curriculum and instruction.  Then scroll down to mathematics.  Then on the left hand side find "3rd grade common core."  Scroll down from there and find games and at home activities students can work on.
         Furthermore, you may go to spellingcity.com.  The user name is berglets.  The password is Ozella.  Each week I will put our spelling words on this website and students can play games and practice with our words from the week.  Lastly your child can get on Freckle, Khan Academy, and Moby Max to practice third grade math skills in preparation for both the NWEA and I.A.R. test.  Students can work at their own ability level.
         I hope these websites will help you feel more connected at home. Thank you for your support!
    For homework this year students are expected to read 20 minutes each night. Parents should sign for each night on the reading log to verify their child's reading progress. On Tuesday nights students will sometimes have a reading passage to read with questions that follow. They can use this story for their reading log.  Also sometimes students will have a math sheet to work on from previous lessons or a drops in the bucket to review their math skills.
    Click classroom newsletter to your left to find newsletters and the information grid for Learn Anytime, Anywhere information. In case we have a snow day students must complete 5 hours of work on the grid and have a parent signature for each snow day that we have. Students who have completed five hours of work for each snow day and have a parent's signature for each snow day, may bring it back to school on the next school day for them to be counted as present for the days we missed school. Students were given this grid along with a packet of other choices that they may choose to do. You may want to ask your child where their packet is and keep it somewhere safe so that they will be prepared if a snow day should arise.
         There is also a great website where students can find stories, current events and videos. It even gives you activities to do for each day for two hours each day. It is:
         For students to get to Teams to see assignments go to: teams.microsoft.com . Click on it. Students will need to login as follows: I.D.#@students.psd150.org  password:8 digit birthday. ex.) 280215@students.psd150.org    password:02252010   You can also go to the disrict website and click on "Students and Parents." Go under the "M" letter and click on MS Office and Teams login screen. Scroll down and it is red. Under that it tells you how to login like I stated above. 
         To get Microsoft Office 365 for students go again to Students and Parents. Under "M" click on Microsoft Office 365 For Students At Home. The third paragraph tells you how to get Microsoft Office.
    You can also go to the district website www.psd150.org. Then click "Students and Parents." Under the letter"L" click on "Learning@Home." A lot of my lessons will come from this page. As you scroll down you will see many resources. I will be trying to make assignments on Teams and sending it to your student through the email that I have from Skyward. Please be looking for information from me. As I become more comfortable with this new program ,TEAMS, I will try to have students join a chat with me where we will be learning a lesson live together. This is all new to me so please be patient as we are all learning this new e-learning process together. Thanks for your support and understanding. I really miss my Berglets!  
         If you are having trouble here is a website that has troubleshooting tips from our district page. It can help with airplane mode, wi-fi issues, etc. It is: www.peoriapublicschools.org/techtipsathome 
    Type to Learn  password:  149728
    Freckle  Go to student account, enter class code:  berg9z
    Spelling City username:  berglets  password:  Ozella
    Zearn  password:  AM3X7B
    Prodigy  password:  F5A8C7
    Read Works  code:  KBJUJX  password: 1234
     code TDCWWX