• Welcome to Our Library


    Looking for books to read online?  Remember you and your students may log into Skyward and access LightSail and several

    other online resources. Following are other websites that offer FREE online reading for students. 


    • LIGHTSAIL  (online library) 

      Have your students sign into their streams. Use the LightSail app on their screen.   

       test   Then select the Microsoft Logo to be logged in automatically.  test


    • Option 2: Log into  www.reader.lightsailed.org    Enter one of the following combination.

      Username= Student Lunch Number     Password: 8-digit school password

      Username= FirstName.LastName         Password: 8-digit school password 


    • MagicBlox Children's Book Library


    • EPIC!  Books for Kids

      Have your students open up their web browser and

      • 1...Go to www.getepic.com/students

        2...Log in with Mrs. Ritterhoff's code.... pjd6275

        3...Select their name and they’re in!  (If you do not see your name, use 

        the ANON student. All students will be added soon.)



    • International Children's Digital Library  A Library for the World's Children