1) Starting April 6th, I will be using Microsoft Teams for daily classroom assignments, videos, and lessons. Students can work on and turn in work on Microsoft Teams. Students can also participate in classroom discussions on Microsoft Teams.  



    2) If you would like paper copies: you can pick up a packet at school (in the office) with extra practice. It consists of 30 days of math practice and 30 days of writing prompts. Students should try to complete 1 math sheet and 1 writing sheet each day. These are the *same activities* that will be posted on teams. 


    3) I will be emailing all parents/guardians a sheet with your child's technology log ins and passwords. This will also include links to all of the websites that we have used in our class. (Myon, Lexia, Prodigy, Zearn, Khan Academy etc).



    * Please Remember: Remote Learning is new for our students, parents, and teachers. I appreciate everything that you are doing to help continue your child's education. I do not expect them to spend hours online doing assignments. In fact they should only spend between 1-2 hours online at most! Some activities can be completed offline (reading, math practice, games, encore activities)


    Please feel free to contact me via email aisha.mohammed@psd150.org