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                   Future Farmers of America was established at R.A.Jamieson School in the fall of 2019 and has 25 current members between the ages 12 and 21. We also have 4 students considered “Junior Futures” who are too young for FFA but still attend our Agricultural functions. We boast a 47% participation of eligible students that take part in our Ag program, where we “Focus on the Students Ability Not Their….....”

                   We not only focus on Intro to Ag, but also conservation, horticulture, gardening, community service and educating others about how Agriculture affects their daily lives even while living inner city. In short, we go far behind Corn, Soybeans, Pigs and Cows.. the students relate locally while learning globally.   

                    To learn more about the 700,170 FFA members across the country, across our state or the Illinois Farm Bureau, we have provided links below.


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