• Innovation and Grants Office

    The Peoria Public Schools' Innovation and Grants Office provides unique opportunities for students. Currently, the department is managing over $11 million dollars in competitive grant money providing for after school, weekend, and day time activities and supports for students. These monies range from student internship and job salaries to additional educational supports for academic and social-emotional development. The department oversees the Online Learning Academy, self-paced learning experiences ranging from typical credit classes to enrichment classes such as Spanish, foreign language and now Computer Science classes. The D2 program is another program that provides students with the opportunity to earn their associates' degree while finishing their high school diploma. Keep checking back for new and exciting opportunities. 

    The Innovation and Grants Office also oversees the Career and Technical Education program at Woodruff. The Career and Technical programs offer dual credit and high school credit that get your student on their way to a career right after high school or entry into college. Visit the Woodruff website and click on program to learn more about the offerings:  Woodruff Career and Technical Education


    Grants include but are not limited to:

    Ready-Set-Go:  Full Service Community Schools

    Lights On Peoria:  Climate Transformation Grant

    Clubs of 21st Century and Let's Connect:  21st Century Schools Programs

    Stop the Violence:  School Violence Prevention Program

    Solar Energy: Edwards Settlement Grant

    Work-Earn-Learn: Illinois Youth Investment Program

    Parent Mentor Grant with Friendship House

    Career Link Grant