• Innovation and Grants Department

    The Peoria Public Schools' Innovation and Grants Office provides unique opportunities for students. Currently, the department is managing almost $15 million dollars in competitive grant money providing for after-school, weekend, summer, and daytime activities and support for students. These monies range from paid student internships and job salaries to additional educational supports for academic and social-emotional development. Specializing in personalizing learning for students, the Innovation team works to identify unique learning experiences for students for an enhanced education. 

    The Innovation and Grants Office also oversees the Career and Technical Education program at Woodruff. The Career and Technical programs offer dual credit and high school credit that get your student on their way to a career right after high school or entry into college. Visit the Woodruff website and click on programs to learn more about the offerings:  Woodruff Career and Technical Education

    Virtual Peoria

    The Online Learning Academy has developed into Virtual Peoria.

    Cyber-Security Certificate - Informational Technology Dual Credit Program

    The Cyber-Security/IT programming class may be taken in person at Woodruff Career and Technical Education Center or on-their-own with weekly teacher check in meetings. By the end of the four courses, students will earn their Cyber-Security Certification and can be hired at most any business with a robust IT system at high wages. Students may earn up to four industry-recognized credentials. This is a high-demand career field, especially for Central Illinois. For more information, go to the Woodruff Career and Technical Education page. 

    Office Occupations

    Is your student is interested in secretarial, clerical, reception, customer service, or data entry to name a few occupations, this set of courses may be for them. With the opportunity to earn several industry-recognized credentials, this high-demand career field is well-paying. Peoria Public Schools is willing to higher successful candidates in various departments or schools.  For more information, go to the Woodruff Career and Technical Education page. 

    For more information about having your students take online programs for high school credit recovery, acceleration, or schedule needs, contact your student's high school counselor. For K-8 programs, contact Barbara.Closen@psd150.org

    AP Computer Science through Amazon

    Students wishing to take an AP Computer Science class for credit, for interest, or to just gain more information, may want to select our AP Computer Science classes from Mr. William Smith. A new group begins each August. Students work at their own speed and have weekly access to the teacher. Students may then want to consider the IT CyberSecurity course as a follow up.


    Peoria Public Schools started IHSA Sanctioned ESports Teams in February of 2022. Teams are situated at each high school with the first teams competing in their first state tournament in April of 2022. For more information, contact the athletic director at your student's high school. To donate to expand and support the program, contact the athletic director or visit the Peoria Public Schools Foundation for donations. 


    Peoria Public Schools offers a robust early college program. Whether students want to earn some dual credits in CTE, general education courses for freshmen year of college, or want to earn an associates degree as a high school junior and senior, we have the right program for your student. Our students take dual credit courses during the school day or may transfer in credits from evening classes. The D2 dual degree program to earn the associates degree covers all tuition and had the first group of graduates in 2021. 


    Grants include but are not limited to the following grants, blue hot links connect to Facebook pages:

    Ready-Set-Go:  Full Service Community Schools

    Ready-Set-Go program, located at Annie Jo Gordon (Harrison) and Elise Ford Allen (Roosevelt) provides students with academic and social-emotional supports during the day and academic support and student activities afterschool. Contact Brandy.Bryant@psd150.org for more information.  Funding for this grant comes from the Department of Education Community Schools and Promise Neighborhoods programs. 

    Lights On Peoria:  Climate Transformation Grant

    The Lights On Peoria program, provides academic intervention to freshmen at Peoria and Manual High Schools, job and career readiness preparations, social-emotional supports, and weekend activities. Contact Tagwana.Webster@psd150.org for more information. Funding for this grant comes from the Department of Education Community Schools and Promise Neighborhoods programs. 

    Clubs of 21st Century and Let's Connect:  21st Century Schools Programs

    The 21st Century programs, located at Manual, Trewyn, Glen Oak, Von Steuben, Lincoln, and Sterling, offers afterschool tutoring, STEM activities, and recreational activities to students. Contact Alona.Dawson@psd150.org for the first three school and Michelle.Buscher@psd150.org for the last three schools. 

    Parent Mentor Grant with Friendship House

    Implemented at Elise Ford Allen (Roosevelt) and at Lincoln, parents apply and are trained to be reading mentors with students. Parents are able to earn a stipend. For more information, please contact Friendship House https://www.friendship.house/.

    Woodruff Career and Technical Center Grants

    WIOA and IYIP

    The WIOA and IYIP grants allow our students to prepare for careers by receiving career coaching, credential development and attainment, and paid internships. These grants have been life changers for hundreds of students. Funding for these grants are made possible through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (https://www.dol.gov/agencies/eta/wioa) and IYIP Ilinois Youth Investment Program (https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=126652)

    Solar Energy: Edwards Settlement Grants

    The first grant provided for 545 solar panels to be installed on the Woodruff Career and Technical Center roof. This should pay for up to 36% of Woodrufft's current energy usage. The second grant is funding students as they earn credentials in Renewable Energy Careers. For more information contact:  Arnold.Spiker@psd150.org

    R3: Restore, Reinvest, and Renew

    The R3 Grant delivers services from students in middle school through adults. Located through the Peoria Public Schools Wraparound Center, the R3 grant provides legal services to families, self-regulation and social-emotional health, support for juveniles in the justice system, proactive health programs for middle school students, mentoring programs for ninth grade students and up, and counseling and addiction services. For more information, see the Wraparound Center tab on the Peoria Public Schools website.