• Welcome!Mrs. Green

    I know your child is excited to get back to school and all the fun activities.  During Physical Education, your child will experience a variety of healthy lifestyle activities that will promote, encourage, and reinforce positive health habits.  Our main emphasis is ACTIVE PARTICIPATION and learning to enjoy movement, therefore students are required to wear tennis shoes that stay securely on their feet. (sandals, boot, cleats, ect. will not be allowed) If your child is ill or injured, a note from a parent/guardian or doctor is required for a child to be excused from physical education class.  Fitness testing (Fitness gram) is administered twice a year for all grades.  Fitness testing consist of curl-ups, push-ups, sit-n-reach, and the pacer test.  All students will practice and be expected to use positive sportsmanship, personal responsibility, and teamwork during physical education class.

    The most important thing to remember is RESPECT:  Please follow all expectations listed above and keep the following in mind:

    1.      Respect Yourself

    ·         Stay on your feet

    ·         Have fun and do your best

    ·         Wear athletic shoes


    2.      Respect Others

    ·         Be kind/nice – no put-downs or name calling

    ·         Work out disputes peacefully

    ·         Keep hands and feet to ourselves

    ·         Use good sportsmanship


    3.      Respect this place

    ·         Use the equipment appropriately

    ·         Don’t touch equipment without permission

    ·         Put the equipment away in the proper location

    ·         Take care of our gym


    My goal is for every student to:

    ·         Develop leadership skills.

    ·         Explore creative expression.

    ·         Develop sportsmanship qualities.

    ·         Enjoy vigorous participation in physical education.

    ·         Improve their level of physical fitness.

    ·         Develop their individual confindence.


     I hope your child has a wonderful school year and I look forward to many fun times in Physical Education class.