• Welcome back to English with Miss. May! Our English classes are reading Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson! There are a couple lessons posted about role models to get us started. Page 245 from the text has been uploaded in the assignment, and guidance in writing in the directions.

    As we continue reading Brown Girl Dreaming, we'll be writing reflections of what we read. Part I has been uploaded to the reading assignments along with a choice grid to guide us in writing our reflections.

    Our goal is to write paragraph-long reflections, written in correct and complete sentences. If students achieve a blackout in the reflection bingo, there will be bragging rights, PLUS a bonus surprise from Miss. May. But, the reflections must be honest, good work done independently. Even if we do not get back in the classroom, I will be sure to get prizes to you!

    There are also vocabulary practices and quizes online at vocabulary.com. The links and class ID code are included in the directions.

    Questions? Reach out! jennifer.may@psd150.org