• Welcome to Mrs. Smalley's Class Website!  

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    Welcome, Students and Families.

    Please see this website for updates for our Remote Learning Schedule and other information. 

    Have a great day! 

    Mrs. Kaylee Smalley-  Fourth Grade Teacher-  Harrison Community Learning Center


    E-Learning Resources- go to DISTRICT RESOURCES for learning at home resources from District #150

    E-Learning Schedule for Students and Families: E-LEARNING SCHEDULE MRS SMALLEYS CLASS

    E-Learning STUDENT LOG- this is a view of the form on MS Teams that students will fill out weekly to show learning responses to Mrs. Smalley.   STUDENT LOG


    NOTE: Our class has an MS Teams webpage in which I can send your child's login information. It is important that your child can log in to our MS TEAMS page. We will use our MS Teams site for virtual lessons, meetings, and assignments.


    INFO FOR GRADING POLICIES for Parents and Families can be found at this link: INFO ABOUT GRADING 


    I have also sent out your child's login codes that we use for our other learning websites.   *I am working to help all students be able to log into TEAMS this upcoming week of April 6-10. PLEASE reach out for assistance! 


    Teacher Office Hours    I will be available for student and family questions from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm every Monday-Friday

    Contact Mrs. Smalley

       Email:   kaylee.smalley@psd150.org 

       Phone/ Text: 815-871-6888

       Class Dojo- download the app, find online, or message me for more info!


    UPDATE- Week of April 27th-  

    Student Personal Belonging Pickup/ End of Year Classroom Closure


    Dear Parents and Families of Mrs. Smalley’s Class,


    I hope everyone is doing well at home. Although this is not the end of the school year that any of us imagined, I want you to know that I miss your students very much, and I will continue to support them through remote learning opportunities through the end of the school year. Please continue reaching out with questions, concerns, and anything else you need. I have also enjoyed our live MS Teams sessions with students! 


    This upcoming Wednesday, April 29th, I will be cleaning out/ closing out our 4th grade classroom for the school year. If you would like to come to the side door of our classroom and pick up your child’s personal belongings, you must set up an appointment with me by calling me, texting me, or emailing me sometime before 3:00 pm on Tuesday, April 28th. This way, I can have your child’s items labeled and at a safe spot ready for pick up at that time. Please remember that social distancing requirements must be practiced. If this pickup date does not work for your schedule, you must make arrangements with the school office for pickup before May 8th. 


    I greatly appreciate all you do for your child in supporting his/ her education, and all of the positive support you have shared with me as well. 


    Thank you, Mrs. Kaylee Smalley

    Fourth Grade Teacher- Harrison Community Learning Center


    Email: kaylee.smalley@psd150.org