• Welcome to Ms. Furuholmen's 1st Grade

    E-LEARNING Class!

    Thank you parents for all of your patience, understanding, and involvement in this new journey! Remember that I am always available if you have questions.

    Please, check your email and texts each day for new information, or instructions from me. These will be my primary means of correspondence. Everyone should have my cell phone number from previous contact. My email address is:  susan.furuholmen@psd150.org

    Until we are able to get interactive worksheets for the children to do on their computers, please, have your child do work on a piece of paper, and then take a picture of it, and either email, or text the work to me each day.


    Students will work on WATERFORD reading and math "daily."

    Ms. Burtsfield will help you get it set up. 


     To go to lesson plans and links (reading, writing, math)

    CLICK HERE> May 18-22 Lesson Plans

    May 11-15 Lessons and Links E'Learning

    Here is my oldest daughter, Brielyn, to read you a story for Cinco De Mayo!

    Cinco De Mayo video

    May 4-5 ELearning

    April 27-May 1 E-Learning

    April 20-24 E'Learning Reading, Writing, Math

      April 14-17 1st Grade E-Learning

          April 6 - 9 Home Learning Activities 


    To pull up Specialty Classes (PE, ART, SEL, TECHNOLOGY)

    CLICK HERE> The Specialty Class teachers are now uploading their lessons on MS Teams. If you have not set up MS Teams on your child's device, let me know and I will send instructions. We are to begin working from MS Teams and begin having live lessons, so please let me know if you are unable to get this set up, and I will gladly assist you!

                   April 27-May 1 Encore

                             April 20 Specialties (PE/ SEL)

                               April 14-17 Specialties Classes

                         April 6-9 Specialty Classes


    The schedule for specialties is as follows:

                                     Technology:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

                                     Art:  Tuesday

                                     SEL:  Wednesday, Friday

                                     PE:  Friday

    Students need to complete their specialty lessons on the days they are scheduled. They may do additional work as they wish.


    For additional resources, scroll down this page.

    For additional math work (for those of you who love math), log onto:

    ZEARN.org using your student ID and your date of birth in this format (ex: 01012020).


    Free Youtube