• Mrs. Kelly-- Speech Language Pathologist

    Speech Language Pathologist


    As we move into remote learning I want to take a minute to say 

    "I miss working with your child in person".  I am here to support you and your student in any way that

    works best for your student and family.  If you do not have internet connection or a computer for your child

    you can reach out to me, your child's teacher, or school principal Julie Deignan.  The district

    is working hard to deliver technology to students and there are companies offering free internet or hot spot

    access so that your child can participate in this new remote learning environment.  

    Please check out the district website psd150.org it is a great resource during this time.  

    Please stay safe and healthy, 

    Julie Kelly




    **district email: julie.kelly @psd150.org

    **phone number: 1(815)916-5557

    **Teacher page through Microsoft Teams with assignments/possible video conference

    ** office hours (9-3) phone call, MS chat,email

    **mail packets


                                                               **** This page will be updated as I continue to learn new ways to connect

    with you and your student. Attached below is a link for general activities

    to support practice at home to help to maintain your child's IEP goals.